This book was previously published as a series of novellas called An Island Made for Two


Two romance tropes for the price of one! Forced Proximity and Second Chance at Love

Abby Morgan just sold her house and waved goodbye to her kids as they head to college. She’s finally going after her dream: To live on the North Coast of Maine and to write Mystery Books. Before she signs off on the purchase of Cherry Tree Island, Abby agrees to spend two weeks alone on the self-sustaining island to ensure she’s up to the task.

This is a compilation of all the titles in the Cherry Tree Island series.
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A Word from Roxbury Books

Doesn’t this contemporary Christian romance sound interesting? I personally don’t think I could go two weeks alone on a self-sustaining island. I am curious to see how Abby manages. Th

Author Daisy Landish had the link to her newsletter in the blurb on Amazon, so I decided to include it here.

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